11. Jeff Sankoff: ER Doctor, Podcast Host/Producer, Triathlon Coach and Ironman Finisher

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EP11: Jeff Sankoff

ER Doctor, Podcast Host/Producer, Triathlete Magazine Contributor, Triathlon Coach and Ironman Finisher

Heat up your favorite beverage, as we head back out west to converse with one busy Emergency Physician: Jeff Sankoff in Denver, Colorado. Jeff somehow managed to sit down and share his triathlon story despite his insanely hectic schedule between rounds in the ER, holding down the fort with his busy wife and their kiddos, as well as Coaching his own Triathletes.

Jeff’s vast professional knowledge and research about the human body paired with his passion for Triathlon provide a wealth of information in all his writing publications for various well known publications, including: Triathlete Magazine, as well as, on his own podcast show The TriDoc Podcast.

In this episode Jeff shares some personal obstacles he over came towards reaching his goals in Triathlon. He also reveals some extremely difficult life threatening challenges he and his family were more recently faced with during the pandemic of 2020 and how he and his family are handling those waves in life.

Connect w/ Jeff Sankoff:

IG: https://www.instagram.com/tridoccoaching/

FB: https://www.facebook.com/tridoccoach/

Website: https://tridoccoaching.com

Podcast: https://the-tridoc-podcast.captivate.fm

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