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    The miami tri club

    The guest-listener-host community of Why We Tri really took shape when I first joined The Miami Tri Club, which is a recently launched platform whose members include some of the top local athletes and the largest group of beginners in the Miami area. This motley crew of disparate backgrounds brought career, self, politics and all manner of differing views, but the emphasis was always on the team. Everyone is so different, yet everyone is united by the sport, the common goal.

    Grounded on the affluence of this network, Why We Tri began by voicing the stories, hopes and fears of the triathlete community, but I soon realized that I wanted it to reach further, to be the voice and bring everyday people to life. All walks of life are represented… moms, dads, singles, couples, youth, sports fans. Everyone, whatever their story, is automatically accepted and invited.

    There IS a spot for your story as we all take a minute to listen and let YOU know you are not alone.