12. Bryan McFarland: 3x5Life Creator & Owner, Husband, Father and Ultra Runner

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EP12: Bryan McFarland

3×5 Life Creator & Owner, Husband, Father, Ultra Runner

Don’t blink- the Holidays are upon us in full force. And if you are like me, 2020 has my head spinning.

Thankfully, my next guest has come up with a way to keep it simple well beyond the holiday season and on into 2021!!

From his home in West Chester, PA, Bryan McFarland introduces us to one of his favorite morning beverages: a hot cup of Chemex Pour Over Coffee. Bryan opens up with how his venture into Ultra running gave way to a deeper sense of self. The struggles he and his business partners have been met with during this pandemic have been challenging to say the least. However, those long solitude runs have given way to solutions and now a new product that will help millions in simplifying their own chaos of 2020.

Connect w/ Bryan McFarland:

IG:@3x5_Life @brymcfar

Website: www.3x5Life.com

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/bryansmcfarland/

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