22. Zone1 w/ Caroline

Zone 1 w/ Caroline

Today’s Beverage:

What’s Tall, Dark, Handsome and fits into my cup holder?

My new favorite water bottle:

Hidrate – this water bottle is like no other and will literally light up your life while keeping you hydrated!

Special Thanks to Paul Faust for the above recommendation.

Paul is my Accountability Coach from Jesse Itzler’s BYLR: Big Ass Calendar Club.


EP22: Ironheart Jeremy Woodward

Jeremy Woodward is a 2x Heart Failure Survivor who graciously reveals his Ironman journey in his new book:

Heart Failure to Victory co-authored w/ Ben Veilleux

Today I read a bit of his book to you and give my review.

This book is a MUST read for all levels of athletes as a reminder all of this triathlon training, good, bad or indifferent is a gift.

LifeTime’s SoBe Triathlon:

First failed attempt and an official changed trajectory of my future in Triathlon, and ultimately in my life.

Ironman 70.3 Haines City 2018:

My Mom’s first and only race she ever attended.

The Race she gave me her blessing to keep doing what fueled me.

Up Next:

EP24: Hugues Posschelle

How often do you get to know your Tri Teammate outside of training?

In my next episode we jump right in with my teammate and good friend Hugo.

His favorite beverage is refreshing and full of life.

Hugo is by far one of the funniest and kindest people I know.

Tune into to the next episode to hear how Triathlon provided a

healthy environment for Hugo to overcome his challenges in this life.

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