23. Hugues Posschelle: Vice President & General Manager of GA Expertise, Inc, Ironman Finisher, Father, Son, Brother and Teammate

A Why We Tri Podcast Production

EP24: Hugues Posschelle

How often do you get to know your Tri Teammate outside of training?

In my next episode we jump right in with my teammate (The Miami Tri Club) and good friend Hugo.

His favorite beverage is refreshing and full of life: San Pellegrino

Hugo is by far one of the funniest and kindest people I know.

Tune into to this episode to hear how Triathlon provided a healthy environment for Hugo to overcome his challenges in this life.

Also, tune in to find out what his favorite recovery beverage is!!

Connect w/ Hugo:

FB: hposschelle

IG: hposschelle

Twitter: @hposschelle

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