24. Bill Christy: Evolving Triathlon: Conversational Pace with the CEO of Challenge North America

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EP25: Evolving Triathlon: Conversational Pace with Bill Christy, CEO of Challenge North America

It’s a brisk March Monday morning here in Miami, FL. Bill Christy, CEO of Challenge North America, a triathlete at heart, graciously Zoomed in from his Daytona International Speedway Office with his Favorite Morning Beverage in hand, to share his Why in Tri-athlon. We are just 4 days out from Challenge-Family’s inaugural event: Challenge Miami Triathlon. This historical triathlon festival is set to take place in Miami’s very own Homestead-Miami Speedway. Only 35 minutes from Miami International Airport, making it a top Triathlon Triathlon Destination for years to come.

Bill opens up and shares his personal introduction to the World of Triathlon. He reveals how endurance sports, NASCAR, the Challenge-Family Corporation , PTO (Professional Triathlon Organization ) and the active support from his beautiful family has all played an important roll in changing Triathlon as we know it. Triathlon has not been the greatest spectators sport. Nor has it been the most supportive sport in regards to the pros. Finally, here in the US it has lacked a festival energy that Bill guarantees for every level of age group athlete.

Live Streaming of Challenge Daytona results, as well as televised production results, proved the idea that was once a dream, was in fact more than just a dream. The numbers from Challenge Daytona were so convincing, NBC recently informed Bill and the entire Challenge Family, they are in for a few years to come. We are witnessing history in the making of how dreams are born, dreams are created, dreams are invested in, cultivated and how dreams are driven into existence. NASCAR, a past time that is just about as American as Apple Pie, has happily opened it’s doors to Challenge-Family, and the PTO (Professional Triathlon Organization). This holds great hope for pro-triathletes that have, for years been capitalized on for their accomplishments. This transformation in triathlon will unite a strong bond between pro-triathletes and their fans, as NASCAR has done for years between Race Car Driver and their dedicated fan following.

I am excited to say, this is all just a dap of “tobassco” hot sauce in what Bill Christy and the Challenge-Family have planned for here in North America.

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