25. Zone 1 w/ Caroline – Hidrate Spark, Tour Fit 365, Bill Christy Reflection, Acknowledge Homework, Next Guest Introduction

Zone 1 w/ Caroline

Today’s Beverage:

My Tall Dark & Handsome… Hidrate Spark Water Bottle!

He is 21oz of Stainless Steel and fits perfectly in my car cup holder!!

This Smart Water Bottle comes with a bit of a price tag.

Definitely worth it because it comes with an app to keep track of your water intake.

Including notifications to remind you to drink that H2O!!

Written Reviews:

Randy Moore – Thank you Coach Randy of Tour Fit up in CT for the review!

Check out Tour Fit 365 on Instagram.

Improve your golf swing and your flexibility.


EP25: Bill Christy, CEO of Challenge North America

Conversational Pace Convo with Bill Christy reminded me of how most of our world crisis in history that lead to the great technological innovations and advances in history. We are witnessing this here and now, not only with Covid Vaccines, but in Triathlon, as well.

Bill opens up and shares his personal introduction to the World of Triathlon. He reveals how endurance sports, NASCAR, the Challenge-Family Corporation PTO (Professional Triathlon Organization ) and the active support from his beautiful family has all played an important roll in changing Triathlon as we know it. Triathlon has not been the greatest spectators sport. Nor has it been the most supportive sport in regards to the pros. Finally, here in the US it has lacked a festival energy that Bill guarantees for every level of age group athlete.


Acknowledge –

  1. Your Circle: Draw a Circle. Place who keeps showing up for you and cheering for you inside your Circle. Those who do not or have not place on the outside of your Circle. That’s it. No need to do anything. Just Acknowledge!
  2. Good Habits: What are your Good Habits already in place? Write them down first. No need to change those. Just Acknowledge.
  3. Bad Habits: Simple ones. What do you keep doing that you want to change? Just write them down and Acknowledge them.

Tune in to the Next Zone 1 to see what we will do with these!

Next Episode:

EP27: Laura Carney

Have you ever lost someone you wish you could have one more conversation with? To ask them their thoughts, their dreams, and maybe what would be on their Bucket List?

My next guest, an author, magazine journalist, copy editor, activist and plant-based athlete, endured the tragic loss of her father when she was 25 years old. Upon finding a list her father wrote on the year she was born, we soon learn Laura’s deeper connection with her Dad’s message and how she set out to complete each item and while documenting her journey on her blog called: My Father’s List. Which is set to come out as a book, and in my opinion, a movie at a date TBD.

As a special nod to my mom and Laura’s dad, both second or third generation Irish, I will release this episode on St. Patrick’s Day. Our parents never met here on earth, but we are both certain they are watching over us as we converse and carry on their legacies.

Have a great start to your week!


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