27. Anthony Hearn: The Why of Art, Athletics, and Community

Welcome BACK to the Relaunch of Why We Tri Podcast! 

It feels great to be back bringing you MORE motivational stories that keep you moving!

On today’s episode we are staying local here in the heart of Miami with Anthony S. Hearn. Anthony joins us promptly with his favorite beverage in hand, similarly prepared to the one he was raised with in Tennessee. We quickly learn about Anthony’s back ground in sports and where his competitive edge began. Anthony also is met with physical challenges enduring an injury keeping him from his favorite field: the Soccer field. Anthony shares how he found triathlon and takes us a bit deeper to the heart of his WHY. Listen to how Anthony’s passion for the arts, desire for giving back to local communities in great need, all help to fuel his determination towards crushing physical triathlon goals in US Triathlon Age Group Nationals. Visit the links below to learn how you can #Tri4Good and help Anthony in his quest to help: Arts for Learning Inc. and Dade Legal Aid’s Youth Advocacy Services.

Connect w/ Anthony:

Website: www.AnthonyHearn.com

IG: @anthonystuarthearn // @tri4good

FB: Anthony Hearn // Tri4Good

Tri4Good: Go Fund Me Link

Special Thanks:

Thank you to Sebastian Rusk, who helped me launch this podcast from the beginning.

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