30. Dave Deschenes: Leaning Into Life’s Obstacles with the Executive Director of USAT Foundation

Leaning Into Life’s Obstacles with Dave Deschenes, Executive Director of USA Triathlon Foundation

Why We Tri Podcast is back sharing powerful stories to keep you motivated.  

In this episode, the Executive Director of USA Triathlon Foundation, Dave Deschenes, shares his powerful story of beating cancer and focusing on his why: family, foundation work, and triathlons.  

This episode explores:

  • How fatherhood got Dave interested in triathlons 
  • How to lean into life’s obstacles: in sport and life
  • How Dave beat cancer and disrupted his life to focus on family, community, and triathlons 
  • Dave’s race day advice for your first triathlon
  • The importance of foundation and community work 
  • How triathlons are putting on safe events in a post-pandemic world 
  • The power of instant community and connection in triathlons 

Connect with Dave:

IG: @usatfoundation

Website: http://usatriathlonfoundation.org/ 

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