41. Coach Noah Lam: Inspiring the Next Generation of Triathletes

This is the last episode in our summer series where we return to fan favorite episodes from the last year. 

In this episode, we head north to Stony Brook, NY to meet CEO and Head Coach; Noah Lam. It only takes a few moments to realize Noah and his wife, Irene Chan Lam, have the biggest hearts on earth. Noah and his wife’s journey into marathons and triathlons start with volunteering at various races. Later an inner passion is revealed: Noah Lam becomes Head Coach of Youth Triathlon Team: Lightning Warriors.

In this episode we hear about:

– Coach Noah’s children inspiring the formation of the Youth Triathlon Lightning Warriors

– Turning the Mini Maniac Youth Triathlon into a virtual event during the pandemic

– Coach Noah’s strategies to keep students inspired and their spirits high

– His personal challenges in the world of triathlons

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To learn more about the Lightning Warriors: http://lightningwarriors.org/ 

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