43. Bill Christy: How the CEO of CLASH is Evolving Triathlons

Bill Christy, CEO of CLASH, a triathlete at heart, graciously Zoomed in from his Daytona International Speedway Office with his favorite morning beverage in hand, to share his Why in Triathlon. We are just a few days out from CLASH Family’s inaugural event: CLAS Miami. This historic triathlon festival is set to take place in Miami’s very own Homestead-Miami Speedway. Only 35 minutes from Miami International Airport, making it a top Triathlon Triathlon Destination for years to come.

In this episode we hear about:

– Bill’s personal introduction to the world of triathlon, revealing how endurance sports, NASCAR, the CLASH Corporation, and PTO (Professional Triathlon Organization) all played an important role in changing Triathlon as we know it.

– Triathlons have not historically been a spectator sport. With the help of Bill’s CLASH and NASCAR this may all soon change, creating a bond between spectators and athletes unlike ever before. 

Connect with the CLASH Family (@CLASHEndurance on Instagram) and their sponsors: NASCAR and Coca-Cola

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