45. Dr. Tom O’Bryan: Fix Your Brain, Body, and Gut for Triathlon Success

Are you tired? Achy? Dehydrated? Thinking you are eating “right” but not seeing the results in training? 

Your brain, body, and gut may be working against you! Join us this week as Caroline sits down with world renowned Dr. Tom O’Bryan, author of “The Autoimmune Fix” and “You Can Fix Your Brain.”  In this episode, Caroline and Dr. Tom go deep on autoimmune health, the real truth behind gluten, and how you can heal yourself for peak triathlon performance. 

In this episode we hear about:

– The potential dangers of marathons and how triathlons can be healthier for your body over time.

– What a leaky gut is and how it can make your body fight against healthy foods.

– The astronomical increase in life threatening diseases in the last few years and what you can do to protect yourself 

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