5. Kisha Coney: Cardiology Nurse Practitioner, Triathlete & Century Ride Enthusiast

A Why We Tri Podcast Production


Kisha Coney:

Tonight’s guest is one I met on Instagram.

Her positive and inspiring female working-mom posts caught my eye over a year and a half ago, while scrolling through the many amazing athletes of Mack Cycle, South Florida’s Best Bike Shop.

This @momIdlike2looklike (her tag on IG) is more than just the perfect shade of lipstick on a century ride.

WAY more!

Tune in with your favorite beverage and find out HER Why in Tri-athlon: as a Mom, a Wife, a Cardiology Nurse Practitioner, a friend and a Black Woman who wants more in Triathlon for our African American Communities here in South Florida.

Special thanks to Kisha, and her husband Kevin, for taking time out of their very busy family and work schedules so Kisha could share with our listeners the WHY in her TRI.

I hope this resonates with other African American Moms out there, and all Moms, who have had a desire to go after a personal goal for themselves in swim, bike and run but maybe needed to hear they are not alone and they are totally worth going after it!


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