51. Lynette Estrada: The Woman Who Conquered The Inevitable

We aren’t always immediately aware of injuries that our bodies have, and that is exactly what happened to Lynette Estrada. Undergoing multiple repeat surgeries, she didn’t let any of it stop her from persevering with endurance sports. Find out what drives Lynette as she tells us about her incredible journey of surgeries, recoveries, and persistence to finally be healthy enough for a triathlon.

In this episode we hear about:

– Lynette’s motivational story of persistence despite both drastic personal and family health issues.

– How triathlons are a reflection of someone’s character, and what it could say about you.

– Recovering from surgeries and the process of easing back into triathlons.

Connect with Lynette:

  • Instagram: @autismtrimom
  • Facebook: Lynette Estrada

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