59. Chris Pavon: Powering Cyclists to the Finish Line with Mack Cycle

Professional bike fitter, Chris Pavon from Mack Cycle, joins me on Why We Tri to talk about how he helps power athletes to the finish line. 

In this episode we chat about:

  • The man that shaped Chris’ life
  • Chris’ beginner to bike fitting pro journey 
  • Why Chris started in the sport and the Why that keeps Chris going 

Connect with Chris:

This Episode concludes Why We Tri(be) 2021-2022 Season. It certainly has been an insightful one with courage and kind guests who have all shared such personal stories of their WHY in all they TRI. Thank you for your continued support and dedication in listening, reviewing, and conversing on social media! June- August 2022 I will be taking a much needed pause on new recordings to refresh, reorganize, and renew the direction of this podcast adventure! Stay tuned and feel free to reach out directly to me with any and all future recording requests: Caroline@whywetripodcast.com

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