63. Diego Ferradas

EP 63. Why We Tri x Mack Cycle Ambassador Manager Diego Ferradas

Beginner. Rookie. Newbie.

Do you remember how you felt when you stepped into these roles in life? How did you feel when you signed up for your first triathlon or marathon? How did you feel when you went to your first training session and met a triathlon team? What was your perception of your Coach and team members? More importantly, was your perception of yourself?

In tonight’s episode, Diego Ferradas shares how his curiosity about cycling while supporting a coast-to-coast cycling fundraising event with a non-profit organization called The Ability Experience led him to Mack Cycle. Diego’s ability to bring people together by encouraging them to keep reigniting their curiosity in trying new things no matter their age, ability, level of experience, or financial situation is one of the many reasons Diego makes a great leader as Mack Cycle’s Ambassador Program Manager.

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