9. Fiona O’Donnell: Performance Nutritionist & Educator, Amateur Triathlete & Kidney Transplant Recipient

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EP 09: Fiona O’Donnell

Performance Nutritionist & Educator, Amateur Triathlete and Kidney Transplant Recipient

In this episode we ‘hop the pond’ to Cork, Ireland and grab a cup of coffee with Super-Mom-Wife-Nutritionist-Triathlete-Kidney Transplant Recipient: Fiona O’Donnell.

Listening to Fiona’s life story of how she faced her fears of open water swimming simultaneously while managing renal disease truly causes one to pause and reflect.

I hope you enjoy hearing how her beautiful story unfolded as she plunged into Triathlon and found more than just supportive teammates.

Fiona’s firsthand experience living with renal disease, being a kidney transplant survivor, all while being a busy mom to 3 children reinforces her ability to being one incredible Performance Nutritionist & Educator.

Connect w/ Fiona O’Donnell:

IG: @fionaodonnell.ie

FB: @fionaodonnellmsc

Twitter: @fionaodonnell_

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